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Hi Team Titleist, its true that only customise 710 CB/ MB will hve serial numbers printed on each iron hosel?

Again, i ve purchased a pre-owned set n found out that it've serial number on 6i only. How come? Shop told me original has serial on one iron club ie: 6i or on 7i. is it only 6i is real and the rest of the irons are fake? Please advice, thank you very much for your early and kind attention.

Tom H Team Titleist SEA Manager

Hi Hong K, 

Thanks for your post. Yes, this is true. As far as the serial numbers go, typically if the set is custom fit, the number will appear on all of the hosel's. Sets of a standard spec, bought off the shelf will only have the number on the 6 iron hosel. If you are still concerned about the authenticity of your irons, the best thing to do would be to let me put you in touch with your local Titleist rep who can have a look at the clubs and try and ascertain authenticity (typically the best thing to do is to compare them to a set you know is authentic and see if there are any differences in weight, look etc).

Let me know if I can help further. Cheers.

Tom Hutton
Team Titleist South East Asia Manager