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Golf Clubs

My First Putter

My first butter was given to me by Fred Daly in 1950. An old hickory shafted Calamity Jane, my pride and joy, saldly stolen...

Golf Clubs

816H 17*

I presently play 915D2, 915F 3W, 915F 5W, 816H1 21*, AP2s, Vokeys. Everything is fine with this set up. Love the FWs and the...

Golf Clubs

Ap1 710

Hello, I play the Ap1 710. 2 of my irons have the markings of P and the other has W. Can someone give me the specs (ie,...

Golf Clubs

Women's LH clubs

Does Titleist make any left handed women's clubs? My wife has picked up golf and we bought her a starter set of Top Flite...

Golf Clubs

Team Titleist

Well yesterday I receive my new line-up of Titleist clubs which includes 917D3, 917F2 (3&5) 716 MB and new SM6 Vokeys. I...

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