718 AP2s vs T100s review

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By Data23

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  1. Data23


    My son received his new T100s yesterday and got the opportunity to compare head to head with his old 718 AP2s, iron by iron. Both sets had the Project X LZ 6.0 shaft, same specs. His old set was a T-MB 4 iron with 718 AP2 5-PW irons. The new set is T100s, 4-PW.

    After comparing iron to iron, using Trackman, we find out the new T100s gave him about 3-4 yards of an additional carry and flew a bit higher than the previous set of 718 AP2s. Another thing we observed the T100s had a draw flight a bit more pronounced than the AP2s. Workability wise, he was able to draw or fade the ball easier with the T100s, AP2s was flying straighter.

    Smash Factor was the same on each set, ball speed was a bit higher on the T100s than the AP2s, Apex was a bit higher as well on the T100s. The spin rate was closely similar, just about 200 RPMs less on the T100s in average per club. Our particular thoughts on the additional carry distance were that Titleist had claimed to reduced the face thickness on the T100s, which makes total sense.

    Every single club performed in similar with a slight advantage to the new T100s, the fell, per my son's comment was definitely better in the T100s. Regarding to the 4 iron, his old 718 T-MB 4 iron performed better then the new T100 4 iron, and this was something we were expecting due to the construction of each club, even dought he hit his T100 4 iron flushed several times, the forgivnes on the T-MB was no match to the T100 4 iron. So at the end of the day we decided to keet the T-MB in the bag and keep the T100 4 iron for later days, we might even try the new U-500 4 iron in the future, just because we can, and for the fun of it!!.

    Some people had some reservations about the look of the new T100s but once you see them in person, the clubs grow on you as they are a good looking, high quality set of clubs. I believe, just like others, that the 718 AP2s were the best AP2s ever produced by Titleist. The new T100s, per Titleist, is a new family of clubs with bit more of technology and so far it seems to outperform my son's old clubs.

    Just in case you wonder, my son is 13 years-old with a solid swing and average driver swing speed between 99 to 102 MPH. Trackman 4 was used for this test and all was done outdoors in Arizona.

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  2. Great review, thanks. I have a Titleist Thursday scheduled to try out the new irons.
  3. Billy L

    Billy L
    Rockville Centre, NY

    I would definitely consider the the u500 4 iron instead of the t100 4 iron if flew a lot higher and it landed a lot softer that’s what I did
  4. Marc S

    Marc S
    El Paso, TX

    Great review. My T100s are ordered and I am so pumped to get them.

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