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Alignment Sticks

Justin B

How do you get these custom alignment sticks you see pros and golf professionals on this Team Titleist discussion pages?

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  1. Michael M

    Hey Justin! The Titleist/Vokey alignment sticks and cover are available on the Vokey website in the Vokey Shop in the gear section under accessories. The only Team Titleist (TT) sticks I have ever been able to find are on eBay shipped from across the pond. Hope this helps.

    -Michael M
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  2. fred k

    justin, you'd need to either get really lucky and have titleist send you a pair or find some on ebay, if they even come up for auction. or you could just head to your local hardware store and buy a couple of driveway markers for $1.50 a piece. good luck.
  3. Gary D

    Go to Home Depot and buy them for @ $2.00 each. They are the sticks you put around your driveway in the winter to mark the edges. or You can go to golf super store and buy the same thing for @ $15.00 each. Your choice.
  4. Chuck Z

    Those Team Titleist alignment sticks were used a promotional items at TT events in the past. Those hardware store stakes work just as well, just not as pretty. I used them for years, until I got a pair of the TT sticks. Those Vokey sticks are nice and you can the cover also.
  5. Justin B

    thanks for the replies

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