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Hi All New to TT. Just rekindling my interest in the game. Being older (turned 50 last month), wiser and a little better off financially than when I was a teen, hoping to get my game back. Took the plunge and have ensconced myself in Titleist. Loving the AP1s and also ditched the long irons for hybrids and very, very happy with the results. I have regained my passion, rekindled my love of the game and excited to be back on the course. The youthful exuberance may be gone, but I still love to try and bomb them and like to think I'm playing a little smarter. I must be by selecting Titleist! Looking forward being a member of the club.

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  1. Barry B

    Welcome to the team! Without a doubt golf is a game you can play for your lifetime and our passion for the game is what brought us all to this site!

  2. Jack H

    Welcome! Glad to hear your interest in golf is back. Great decision to play with Titleist. You won’t be dissappointed.

  3. Chris92009

    Welcome to our community!
  4. Jerry M

    Glad to hear your back....especially with Team Titleist. No matter what happens on the course......have fun!!!
  5. Dale V

    Welcome Matty. You will enjoy the forum. Having knocked it around for 40+ years (now age 59) i get that changing strategy and philosophy but ongoing passion for the game. Seems like just yesterday i picked up my first set of DCI's. Since then Titleist has done great things to bridge the gap between players clubs and us everyday duffers. Hope you have a great time and success with your reemergence into the game.
  6. Steve S

    Welcome Matty G. You could not have picked a better team than Titleist. From top to bottom, they are the number one name in golf.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  7. Speedy

  8. george t


    Welcome to the Team! I picked up the game in my 40’s and I’m glad I did. Such great camaraderie on the course! And you never know who you might run into.
  9. Don O

    Welcome. Part of what makes your choice a smart one is Titleist promotes customized fittings by selling by the club - not by the 3/4-PW sets and offering options like Titleist Thursdays. As you garner more "life experience", certified Titleist fitters will keep you in the best equipment designed especially for you at any age and not for a mass merchandiser.
  10. Quintin H

    Welcome Matty, I too am just getting back into the game.
    Long ago I carried 1i - SW, when I quit 4i was the longest iron, and now its gone.
  11. Sam K

    Welcome to TT and back to the game! I hope both bring you much joy! Congratulations on a fine set of Titleist clubs as well.
  12. Jeff P

  13. ScottyC50

    Welcome! You sure can't go wrong with Titleist!
  14. Brian F

    Welcome aboard. Great insights by very knowledgeable folks on the discussion boards.
  15. Michael JC

    Welcome to Team Titleist !!
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