N.s. pro 880 amc vs. chrome

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By max h

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  1. Hi guys. I just picked up a set of 718 AP2’s with the AMC 880’s. I was told they were the “upgraded” shafts so I assumed they were the non-chrome version. After doing a little research and looking them over, they appear to be chrome as I don’t see any tint to them.

    My question is, what is the performance difference in the two? Is the chrome really a down-grade to the non-chrome version? Should I try to return them and find some regular 880’s? Would love your thoughts.

    Thank you!

  2. My 880's have a greyish finish to them. I didn't know they came in chrome.
  3. I'm trying to determine the difference between the NS Pro AMC 880s reg shaft and the Titleist AMT Red reg shafts. Can anyone provide some info?
  4. I have the AMC 880 Chrome in my 2021 T300 and love them. The difference between the 880 and the AMT Red is about one gram in weight, 100 vs 101
    I think Nippon makes a great product. You can go to the Titleist shaft comparison chart to see the difference.

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