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By JLangevin

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  1. The shaft on my t200 4-iron broke and I am looking to get it replaced. It’s an amt black s300 shaft and I’m wondering where I should purchase one. I looked on the true temper site and it says their 4 iron shafts are 39.5” but I have standard length shafts from you guys and the specs online say that the length is 38.5”. I’m wondering how to get a replacement shaft that is the same as I do not want the length or weight to change. Please let me know if you can help with this. Thank you in advance for your time.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Depending on the length of time you've had your clubs, you may be able to get the shaft replaced under warranty. Contact Titleist Customer Service to see if that is an option.
  3. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Try Golfworks.
  4. Brock L

    Brock L
    Fort Myers, FL

    If Titleist will not warranty it, take it to a professional clubmaker.
  5. George V

    George V
    Montgomery, AL

    You might be confusing the length of a raw shaft, and the length of a finished club. The AMT Black is a .355 Taper shaft. The 4 iron shaft is 39.5" when you buy it. Once it is installed in the clubhead, the butt end of the shaft is trimmed in order to give you the desired club length (in your case, 38.5"). Any pro-shop technician should be able to order you a 4-iron AMT Black shaft and install it to match the rest of your set. Hope this helps
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Agree with Brock. I am sure in your city there is at least one really good club repairer who can take care of your problem that is most likely a Titleist account. Where do you live?

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