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By Marc M

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  1. I ordered clubs through Golftech on June 14th and was told 6-8 weeks. Like most, I am impatiently waiting for them. I'm always checking website to see how long it took others to receive their clubs and today I found this webpage.

    It is the UK site, so wondering if this information is accurate for the US as well. I would assume it probably is, so just throwing out this page for you all who are intending on purchasing Titleist clubs. This might help you decide on which shafts and what not to purchase.

    Looks like my Vokey 50/12/ F won't be available until November and the shafts are late August.

    My irons should be ready around the end of august (unless they run out), so will Titleist ship out partial orders or will they wait until the entire order is complete before shipping?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Nope. UK builds their sets over there and all USA clubs are assembled in Carlsbad CA. Supply chain issues are a bit different as shipping and customs are different. There are similarities in the sense that a shaft or grip supplier may be out of stock globally. You can work with the company you used for the order (in this case GOLFTEC) to discuss splitting your order to ensure you get the irons ahead of the wedges. Best wishes and hope you get the new sticks in play soon.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Does Titleist have a component page like that for the US? I tried to just change the to .com, but page didn't exist.

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