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By Mike r

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  1. Mike r

    Mike r
    Amherst, OH

    My Son and I attend the Memorial in Ohio every year. This year we paid close attention to whats in the tour pros bags. Even if they were with a different club maker for the majority of their clubs, they still carried the Vokey wedges. I still have the SM6s and I love mine. Voke is the Man.



    That's really cool Mike, and yes Voke is definitely the man.

  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I absolutely loved my SM6s. Now I absolutely love my SM7s even more. Go figure.
  4. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    That is something I have done as well, looked to see what others have in their bag during the Air Capitol Open here in Wichita. I miss my SM4 54/8 degree, but my bag set up now has me with a SM6 56/10 S grind and I think we get a long just fine. I want a 52 degree but would have to get an SM7 and just haven't pulled the trigger since my 716's have a 52 degree already. can't beat a Vokey though
  5. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Vokeys in all wedges,48,52,56,60.64 Thanks Voke.
  6. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    Love my Vokey's.
  7. Brent Wells

    Brent Wells
    El Paso, TX

    Couldn't agree more with your post. I have had the pleasure to meet Da Voke a few times. Always giving with his time and is a pleasure to talk with. I have played his wedges since the early 2000's. Thanks for the post!
  8. Robert

    wishaw, AE

    Can’t really find a better wedge make out there to beat the Vokey , great feel and spin

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